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Consummate craftsmanship

The right amount of silvertip badger and our own innovation Silvertip Fibre® are weighed right down to the very last gram, fashioned into shape, and carefully bound and poured. Combined with an equally meticulously handcrafted handle made of precious metal, high-quality wood or precious resin, the finished shaving brushes, razors and safety razors are a delight to have and to hold.

In Latin, “manus” means hand and “facere” means to make – at our manufactory, we feel an affinity with the traditional craftsmanship of brush-making, which is a trade native to the Ore Mountains, just as we did on day one. At MÜHLE, we therefore take craftsmanship literally. Every movement our experts make must be perfect in order to create unique products from the high-quality materials with a keen sense of proportion and a large helping of sensitivity. Our employees polish the handle bodies to a high gloss, and it goes without saying that the final assembly of our products is also completed by hand at our manufactory in Stützengrün.

Although we hail from the Ore Mountains – but that doesn’t mean that we’re country bumpkins by a long shot – manufactory doesn’t mean that we have to do without the useful and above all sparingly used technologies of our time. Machines specially developed for MÜHLE guarantee the careful production of individual components if this enhances the quality of our products. For example, CNC machines fashion the aesthetically pleasing MÜHLE handles from decorative woods and metals.

Nevertheless, each of our models passes through numerous expert hands before leaving our manufactory in Stützengrün to be used by our customers all over the world for their special rituals.

MÜHLE Rasurkultur is a member of Verein Deutsche Manufakturen – Handmade in Germany e.V.

The common aim of the association is to inspire people for ancient crafts, highest value and love of detail and to preserve the valuable work of the manufactories also in the future.

Eine Person mit weißen Handschuhen montiert verchromte Rasierständer. Auf dem Tisch liegen mehrere fertige Ständer und Behälter mit Schrauben. Die Person hält ein Einzelteil und verwendet Werkzeuge zur Montage.

Visit the MÜHLE manufactory:

Guided tours are available on weekdays by appointment.

Tel. +49 37462 6520
Hauptstraße 18
08238 Stützengrün/OT Hundshübel

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