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EDITION Meissen Limited – Safety razor

With the EDITION Meissen Limited, MÜHLE & MEISSEN are crowning their long-standing, unique cooperation. The perfect craftsmanship and deep connection to the tradition of both manufactories are reflected in every detail of the safety razors and shaving brushes, emphasizing their luxurious character. 

The strictly limited-edition safety razor in this EDITION is a top-class manufactured product. The koi fish in the unique, hand-painted decoration appear almost alive, their intense colours transforming the elegantly shaped handle body made of the purest Meissen porcelain into an exclusive one-off. Like the base and neck of the handle, the razor head with a closed comb is made of pure titanium. Polished to a high lustre, the premium metal impresses with its extraordinary strength and low weight. 

In total, only fifteen safety razors are made to order* by the Meissen and MÜHLE manufactories worldwide. These exclusive, unique pieces can be recognized by the hand-painted numbering, which is framed by the crossed swords of the Meissen manufactory.

*This product is made on demand for you. It will be dispatched approx. 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of your order. For a set of safety razor and shaving brush, please order both individual products.
This series is the crowning glory of our overall programme. Voluminous shapes and an expressive silhouette conjoin with the purist design principle that is typical of MÜHLE. The resulting proportions underline the value of the processed materials carbon, Meissen porcelain and bog oak/sterling silver. These masterpieces are made by hand in the finest precision work: from the manufacture of removable brush heads , the polishing of metal parts to the coating of the surfaces and the manufacture of the handles. Each of these valuable unique pieces is made to order and delivered with an illustrated booklet in a high-quality presentation box.
Koi fish have intrigued and inspired for centuries. They are rich with symbolic significance especially in Japanese and Chinese culture and history. In the land of the rising sun, the koi is a symbol of strength, prosperity and longevity. Its elegance and the various bright, vibrant colours are brought to life in this limited-edition design with artistic strokes. It almost seems as if the fish are swimming on the dazzling white porcelain. Their depiction is so intricate and detailed, and the effect of the unique play of colours is so powerful.

The decor specially designed for this limited edition, including the characteristic swords that symbolize the porcelain manufactory and frame the hand-painted numbering of each individual piece, is applied by experienced porcelain painters with the utmost precision and care using the overglaze process. Only after the so-called colour firing do the colours used, whose composition is based on a secret recipe, develop their unmistakable, intense luminosity, making the decorations from Meissen so unique worldwide.

The handles of this limited EDITION are made from the finest Meissen porcelain. Since its foundation in 1710, the Saxon porcelain manufactory Meissen has stood for the highest porcelain quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Even today, the purest kaolin is extracted from the manufactory's own mine. Its unrivalled purity gives the finished porcelain the strikingly radiant white for which MEISSEN is known the world over. 
The handles are accentuated by the cool metallic lustre of pure titanium. The non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant metal is extremely lightweight despite its high strength, which is why it is often used in the aerospace industry. Lovers of high-quality watches and jewellery also appreciate titanium for its good body compatibility. It is a material perfectly suited for the art of wet shaving.  
A noble design and mechanical precision define the MÜHLE safety razor with a closed comb, promising a thorough yet gentle shave. Unlike the safety razor with an open comb, the foam edge has no teeth. In combination with a slightly steeper blade angle, this safety razor offers a particularly gentle shaving technique, which is also suitable for beginners with a little practice. The finest contours and clear lines at the base of the beard are just the icing on the cake.
weight: 70 g
width: 42 mm
length: 116 mm
Design Series: EDITION
Pattern: Koi-Fish
Colour: white
Material: Meissen porcelain and titanium
Chrome: without chrome plating - polished titanium
Shaving system: Safety Razor, closed comb
Vegan: Vegan
Category: Razor