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Bienen auf einer Wabe, die dicht mit Honigwaben und Bienen bedeckt ist. Die Wabe besteht aus vielen sechseckigen Zellen, die teilweise gefüllt sind. Die Bienen sind braun und schwarz gestreift und haben durchsichtige Flügel.

50,000 new employees for the home of shaving culture

Humming bee colony gets a new home at MÜHLE in Stützengrün

Hard-working honey pickers have found a new home at our company site in Stützengrün. The employees of MÜHLE / Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG, inaugurated the company's first beehive at the beginning of May and officially welcomed the new 'colleagues'. "With this project, we are committed to sustainable nature and environmental protection and are making an important contribution to combating species extinction and safeguarding biodiversity by establishing the bee colony," says CEO Andreas Müller.

Bienenkasten und 2 Personen, die ein Schild der Firma MÜHLE halten.

MÜHLE is supported in this project by Jens Ebert AG (based in the municipality of Hirschfeld), which developed the concept of 'Die Firmenbiene' (the company bee). The company's experienced beekeepers take care of the bee colony, as well as harvesting and bottling the honey. 

After the first exploratory flights in their new home, the hard-working helpers will pollinate several million flowers every day within a radius of three kilometres. Bees therefore play a crucial role in our ecosystems. After all, a third of our food is dependent on bee pollination. This makes it even more important to offer bees the best conditions for this great task. 

As a "reward" for our sustainable commitment, we expect to receive our first natural MÜHLE bee honey in June. We are already very excited to see what flavours it will reveal.

But honey is not just delicious. It is also a real miracle weapon for colds, wound healing as well as skin and hair care. When applied pure to chapped lips, for example, honey acts as a natural lip balm. 

Beeswax has similar positive properties. As a natural ingredient in creams and lotions, it provides the skin with nourishing lipids and protects it from drying out. At the same time, beeswax is an excellent natural emulsifier. Natural beeswax is therefore also used in the high-quality MÜHLE SHAVECARE shaving creams and BEARDCARE beard wax. Although we at MÜHLE are generally in favour of vegan formulas, it ultimately makes sense to make an exception for these products due to the special properties of the natural wax.

Bienenstock mit Bienen, an Honigwaben

The bee also played a major role in the regular MÜHLE team days this year. While opening honeycombs together, extracting and filling honey, our employees learnt exciting things about beekeeping and also had the opportunity to exchange ideas as a team.

2 Frauen beobachten einen Mann, wie dieser Honig von einer Wabe löst.
Ein mann filmt mit seinem Handy das befüllen eines Glases. Dieses wird mit Honig gefüllt.
2 Frauen stellen Honig her. Die linke Frau schleudert den Honig und die rechte Frau beklebt Honigkleber mit "MÜHLE" Etiketten.