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75 years of MÜHLE: Tradition. Craft. Design.

Shaving culture made in the Ore Mountains. Today, MÜHLE stands for high-quality wet shaving accessories all over the world. In our manufactory, we consciously focus on tradition, craftsmanship in its purest form and a design language that appeals to minimalists and as well as lovers of classic designs.

Archetypal form contrasts with high-gloss chrome. Millenia-old wood of the bog oak meets finest sterling silver. Dynamic light reflects in polished surfaces. The endemic plum captivates with a reddish shimmer. Today, carefully selected materials are above all what makes the shaving brushes and (safety) razors from MÜHLE a must-have in Berlin, London or Shanghai.

The fact that our family business still exists 75 years after its foundation and continues to develop despite turbulent times – not least in the anniversary year 2020 – should have filled company founder Otto Johannes Müller with pride. Having just returned from the war wounded, he founded a small company in his home country in 1945 with a lot of optimism. In a simple laundry room, the first brushes and brushes with the mill signet are created, in reference to the family name Müller – which means miller in German.

„As a company, you constantly need to reinvent yourself, try new things, even if this means taking risks – or encountering resistance.“

Andreas and Christian Müller, MÜHLE managers

75 years of company history also involved numerous severe setbacks: a few years after the founding of the company, the factory building burns down completely. In GDR times, Hans-Jürgen Müller had to accept expropriation as successor to the company founder, who had died in the meantime. Finally, he leaves the company founded by his father just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, unaware that he will continue the family legacy after the Peaceful Revolution. This happens, however, under difficult starting conditions – the early 90s are a fight for survival.

In the end, however, it is a success story told in many small chapters: the first delivery van, an own production hall, premiere at the trade fair in Leipzig. And again and again in between: Family council during walks. Step by step, MÜHLE establishes itself as a brand that combines the highest standards with a great deal of tact and sensitivity and, not least, plays with its origins, this hilly no-man's-land between Saxony and Bohemia. Shaving culture made in the Ore Mountains – this includes archetypal handles made of wood or chrome-plated metal as well as striking design series.

For example, the HEXAGON series, created in collaboration with the Berlin-based designer Mark Braun, raises awareness. The hexagonal design is reminiscent of the shape of tools or writing instruments, it promises a good grip and functionality in any case. The matte finish in bronze, graphite, forest and silver is a homage to the Ore Mountains – the home of the Müller family, who have been running the company with the brothers Andreas and Christian in the third generation since 2008. And it is not only ourselves who are enthusiastic: the product series was awarded twice in 2017, with the Red Dot Award and the German Design Award.

„The commitment and passion of our employees and the long tradition of craftsmanship behind our products are key elements for the success of our company.“

EDITION Meissen proves that two well-known brands can sometimes be even better than one. In cooperation with the renowned manufacturer located near Dresden, an elegantly shaped handle body made of the finest Meissen porcelain was created. The Ming dragon which was painted with incomparable tact serves as a reminder of the Chinese origins of white gold. Shaving culture with a unique work of art that carries the expertise of MÜHLE out into the world. The premium brand has long since discovered this for itself: with our two stores in Berlin and London, we are now also at home in these two metropolises.

MÜHLE shaving brushes, razors and blades were already zero waste before this term was on everyone's lips. For us, sustainable thinking starts with the longevity of each MÜHLE product. Whether vegan fibres, a natural cosmetic range with fair-trade Argan oil from a small women’s cooperative from Morocco, single-variety paper packaging, climate-neutral shipping or an own photovoltaic system on the company roof – MÜHLE translates the traditional wet shave into today in every respect.

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