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The unique unisex razor from MÜHLE

With COMPANION, MÜHLE is breaking new ground once again. For the first time, everyone can shave sustainably from head to toe using the manufacturer’s very first unisex model. Only men shaving with a safety razor is now a thing of the past.

Safety was of paramount importance while developing our COMPANION. The new design of the shaver head with a finely adjusted blade angle ensures even greater safety. Even beginners who were afraid of safety razors until now will hold on to their new companion wherever they go.

This is due to the new structure of the handle, which provides extra grip. Its fine design resembles fingerprints. At the same time, the handle is slightly longer than other MÜHLE shavers. This makes shaving your legs and other parts of your body (intimate area, armpits, chest) blissful experience.

But this must-have has even more in store for you. COMPANION features traditional blades – and thus genuine sustainability in your bathroom. The cord made of pure cotton can also be replaced easily by extending the rear part of the handle. Available in Blue, Stone, Turquoise and Coral, it’s an environmentally friendly eye-catcher and handy feature at the same time. It goes without saying that the packaging is plastic-free.

Developed for people on the lookout for a genuine unisex product, without compromise – also in terms of sustainability and zero-waste. Pure, durable materials combined with a contemporary yet timeless design that caters to everyone’s needs. Shaving has never been such a blissful experience as with your new companion.

The launch of the COMPANION razor marks an exciting new chapter at MÜHLE- the first unisex double-edged razor it has been designed with diversity in mind, suitable for use on the body and face; it is solid, gentle, efficient, affordable, and accessible to everyone- a lifetime companion.

To celebrate this milestone, we collaborated with renowned artists Oskar Rink and Robert Seidel as well as filmmakers, Ertzui, to interpret and welcome the COMPANION , the result is colourful, inimitable, fun, and intuitive; much like the ritual of shaving itself.