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New barbershop in London's MÜHLE store

Barber Elliot Forbes plays the newly opened treatment space in London's MÜHLE Store

A gem of shaving culture has just opened in the basement of London's MÜHLE store. Even if you are not looking for a haircut or a shave it is worth a visit. The furnishing is original art deco, complemented with tailor-made new showcases made of cherrywood, which display historic pieces from the MÜHLE collection. "Many years ago, we bought the interior of an old hairdresser's shop, because we simply found it beautiful," tells managing director Andreas Müller. "It makes us very happy that we have finally found the perfect use for it." It is due to Elliot Forbes, London's most renowned barber, that the space is by far more than a museum: it is a place where contemporary shaving culture is alive. When Forbes talks about MÜHLE, it sounds as if it was love at first touch. According to the barber, the shaving tools feel like an extension of his own hand. "This is a perfect partnership. MÜHLE and I stand for the same values: excellent service and first-rate tools."