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The ROCCA design series

An elegant top class for shave enthusiasts

Anyone who wants to venture something new needs vision, courage and dedication. All this comes together in the ROCCA series. Launched by MÜHLE in 2016, the ROCCA razors and shaving brushes have captured the hearts of wet shaving connoisseurs and beginners alike with their innovative choice of materials and simple, clear design.

Made from marine-grade stainless steel, the series inspires above all with its satin-like finish, that feels as fantastic as it looks. With its very own razor head design - somewhere between the familiar closed comb of an R 89 and the more direct open comb shave, the ROCCA sets new standards in wet shaving.

Over the years, the series has been further developed. In the meantime, four design variants are available, each of them bringing out the fascination of stainless steel in a special way.

Cool, elegant and uncompromising

The ROCCA series is considered a modern interpretation of traditional MÜHLE design. Named after the Italian word for castle or fortress, the name ROCCA refers to the very best materiality - and to the fact that a MÜHLE product lasts a lifetime and longer. The interchangeable heads of the ROCCA shaving brushes also ensure this. After many years of use, the head can be unscrewed if necessary and replaced with a suitable replacement brush head. It could hardly be more sustainable.

The ROCCA razors inspire not least because of the shaving head made of matt stainless steel, whose design represents a fantastic middle ground in shaving with a plane. A little more direct than the classic R 89 from MÜHLE, it still offers the security of the closed comb. The finest contours and clear lines, for example at the base of the beard, are of course a matter of honour. Thanks to its pleasant weight and the honeycomb-like handle structure, the ROCCA lies perfectly in the hand and can be gently guided over the skin.

Durability par Excellence - The Materials of the ROCCA Series

The ROCCA design series is available in four versions: stainless steel, stainless steel black, with birch bark and completely black as Jet. We will pay some attention to the special features behind these variants in the following:

Marine-grade 316L Stainless Steel:
Due to its hypoallergenic properties, stainless steel has been used in surgery for decades. The generic term "stainless steel" covers numerous alloys, including the so-called "marine grade" variants, which can also withstand to salt water thanks to their molybdenum content. One such alloy is 316L. Durable, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance, stainless steel 316L is the basic material of the complete ROCCA series, including the planing heads. The material gives the collection its pleasantly high weight. In combination with the satin finish, this ensures that the brushes and razors feel as fantastic as they look.

PVD coating:
The PVD coating is the highlight of the ROCCA Jet. PVD is the abbreviation for "Physical Vapour Deposition". A process that is also used in the automotive sector and for luxury watches. In this process, a solid material is vaporised in a vacuum and applied to the surface of a component. More precisely, ion particles from the original material are exchanged for "differently coloured" ones. In the process, a thin, bonded metal or metal-ceramic surface layer is formed, whereby a very high hardness is achieved. This not only improves durability, but also gives the ROCCA Jet its smooth, deep black appearance. A finish could hardly be more elegant and durable. This also applies to the first colour-matching holder, which is available individually and as a set in the ROCCA line.

Birch bark:
For thousands of years birch-bark held a similar technical ranking to that of synthetic materials in today's modern world. With the varied and, at the same time, discrete texture, the bark convinces at first touch with its pleasant, comfortable warm feel. The material is extremely long-lasting, easy to grip, even when wet and easy to care for.

The hair qualities of the ROCCA series:

The ROCCA shaving brushes are available in Silvertip Fibre® or Silver Tip Badger. Both hair qualities are among the highest quality currently produced by MÜHLE with a great deal of sensitivity and the best craftsmanship.

Silvertip Fibre®:
This premium quality, durable synthetic fibre is a worldwide innovation and proof from us that art is capable of surpassing nature. The synthetically produced hair, which is also suitable for vegans, is very easy to look after and dries faster than any natural material. The fibres are made by hand and are particularly soft at the tip. At the same time, the lower part of the brush is firmer and provides sufficient backbone for a pleasant massage effect even when wet. In addition, Silvertip Fibre® guarantees a luxurious lather even when using the smallest amounts of shaving soap or cream.

Silvertip Badger:
A tried and trusted classic and the undisputed leader of the natural hair range: silvertip badger is particularly soft and flexible and is exclusively handmade at MÜHLE. Its silver sheen and a black band around each individual hair, which connoisseurs call a mirror, are noble distinguishing features. Its fine, conically shaped hair absorbs a lot of water and guarantees a dense, creamy lather.

The Evolutions: Ever improving, ever perfecting.

Whilst the design and appearance of the Rocca series have remained consistent, there have been a few improvements to the processes used to manufacture the Rocca- in particular, the methods used to create the razor heads. Improving and perfecting the razor, the latest version of the Rocca is now fully produced by CNC machining. Thanks to this efficient and precise production method, the planing head of the ROCCA achieves the highest precision. The perfect base for a thorough and safe shave.

Elegant and extremely robust - buy the ROCCA series now in the MÜHLE online shop.

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