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"l love communication"

Our new Berlin store manager Fred Schulz talks about innovations introduced under his leadership.

Mr Schulz, since you took over management of MÜHLE's store in Berlin 14 months ago, sales have increased noticeably. What is the secret of your success?

I'm not into self-congratulation. The answer is most likely that I love my job. I love communication, I love to tell the story behind a product, especially if the story is such an amazing one when it comes to MÜHLE products. I was on fire with enthusiasm from day one.

Does it really require a lot of communication?

Absolutely. Complex products have to be explained, high-end quality needs to be explained. Especially in times of a rather confusing Internet trade, it is essential to point out clearly why a product costs what it costs.

MÜHLE's Berlin store is located in the Hackeschen Höfen, a very touristy area. Are your customers mainly visitors to Berlin?

That is what I expected in the beginning, but a lot of regulars come who stock up their supply of cosmetics. There are also those who saw the products online and who come to the store for the haptic experience. There are a lot of "repeat offenders" indeed around here.

Are there any bestsellers?

Very clearly the Traditional Series excites a lot of customers. Nowadays, by the way, an increasing number of women who like to keep their bathroom free of plastic. Connoisseurs of design are especially interested in the Hexagon Series. Basically, wood is very popular and MÜHLE offers a wide range of products here. Travel shaving accessories are constantly an important topic.

Are there innovations in the store?

We redesigned the presentation of the products a little, for example the care series Organic has its own shelf now. On top of that we offer new products, among them the highly exclusive cosmetics series Officina Santa Maria Novella. That's a real asset to our store - and an important reference.

Do the customers know this brand?

Oh yes! Even though the display is small, the recognition effect is immense. People from all corners of the globe enter our store with a smile because they love Santa Maria Novella.

A magnificent white beard graces your face: Are you hoping for more men to start shaving again?

It is indeed the first time in my entire life that I wear a beard. I am of an age now that this beard is no token of hipsterism, it is a statement instead. Of course, some of my colleagues are surprised and also customers ask about my beard. But: Wearing a beard does not exclude proper shaving ? On the contrary. We need an excellent razor to shape the fine contours.

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