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Perfect when travelling - With the practical shaving soap stick from MÜHLE, the ritual of shaving can be enjoyed anywhere in the world

SHAVECARE shaving sticks taking the sustainable way with refill solution

A glance at your bathroom cabinet makes you wonder what to pack in your travel cosmetics bag and what to leave at home. If you love relaxing shaving rituals, then you won’t want to do without them when you travel. But you want to travel as lightly as possible. Connoisseurs of SHAVECARE shaving sticks have been acquainted with this product for a long time. It’s the perfect complement to the TRAVEL design series, helping you to celebrate this morning moment anywhere in the world.

Shaving soap in a practical stick – an ideal companion for your hand luggage with new features

SHAVECARE shaving sticks work like conventional deodorant sticks. You can remove the solid shaving soap from the container and put it back in again as often as you like. The stick is now available in four fragrances. In keeping with summer, the new Grapefruit & Mint fragrance complements the SHAVECARE aroma selection. It’s particularly invigorating and refreshing when a new sunny day dawns.

Those who have been using the sticks for a while will notice another new feature, namely the fact that the bar of soap now has a slightly rounded shape. This makes applying the stick to the area you want to shave an even more pleasant experience. You can lather up with the damp travel shaving brush or use your hands to apply the soap to your face or body directly. Circular movements help to create a stable, finely porous foam. By the way, the SHAVECARE shaving stick can travel with you in your hand luggage on flights – as an ideal complement to the TRAVEL design series, opening the door to cherished morning rituals anywhere in the world.

New from July: refills for your shaving stick – for even greater perfection

The advantages of this high-quality soap are just as convincing as the practical shape of the stick, which features selected, natural ingredients that produce plenty of foam when used, as well as a choice of four aromatic scents. And best of all, you can enjoy all of these advantages with this product, which is very easy to use. Simply take off the cap, twist out the stick, and you can celebrate the perfect shaving ritual – whether in the bathroom at home, in a hotel or at the campsite.

The only disadvantage it has compared to conventional, loosely packed bars of soap is that the stick comes in a plastic container. For MÜHLE, sustainability isn’t just one of the company’s guiding principles but is dear to its heart. That’s why the popular SHAVECARE shaving sticks can now be refilled. The newly designed containers can be reused many times in the future. When the soap is finished, simply add a new bar. The refills in all four fragrances will be available from July – environmentally packaged in a paper box.

Sustainability – par for the course for MÜHLE

Sustainability and high quality standards are guiding principles for the MÜHLE manufactory in the production of shaving accessories and care series. With natural, vegan ingredients, a formula for economical application and the new refill system, the SHAVECARE shaving sticks are a perfect alternative for feeling good about the environment. And you can take this good feeling with you on your next trip.

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Erfahren Sie hier mehr über unsere Designserie
Erfahren Sie hier mehr über unsere Designserie
Erfahren Sie hier mehr über unsere Designserie
Erfahren Sie hier mehr über unsere Designserie

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