The products made by the MÜHLE manufactory aspire to be nothing less than a delight to have and to hold. They feature (i)conical shapes – sometimes classic, sometimes puristic, sometimes extravagant. They’re always as functional as possible and as simple as necessary. This isn’t something that happens by itself, but is about rediscovering the daily wet shave as what is probably the most beautiful male grooming ritual. Made from the best materials, perfectly shaped and simply beautiful, our brushes, razors and accessories remind us every morning that the best things in life take time.

This is why MÜHLE transforms traditional shaving into shaving culture. We translate wet shaving into the world of today and combine the best craftsmanship with industrial precision and the highest design standards. At MÜHLE, the design language of our products is our number-one priority. The brothers Christian and Andreas Müller develop many ideas together and are the third generation of the family to run the manufactory.

With its archetypal shape, every shaving brush is a classic per se, a product with a history that is waiting to be further developed with care. Or it can also be thought of in a completely new way, as the HEXAGON series, which was created in cooperation with designer Mark Braun, goes to show. A handle that’s a little rough around the edges, perhaps a tad bulky, but in any case the winner of three awards, including the German Design Award.

Anodised aluminium. The finest Meissen porcelain. High-strength carbon fibres. Millennia-old bog oak. Exceptionally grained thuja wood alongside polished precious resin in warm butterscotch, as a classic in black or chirpy in sunny citrine yellow, the materials and colours used are diverse and also unique. In addition, they’re always the starting point of the design process for showcasing the shimmering surface. The MÜHLE trademark is also a must with shiny chrome as the icing on the cake or excitingly narrated counterpoint.

MÜHLE cherishes its own traditions all the while courageously striking out on new paths with a clear, no-nonsense design language that is both timeless and contemporary. After all, looking at and touching MÜHLE's shaving brushes, razors and safety razors should be enjoyable in equal measure – for a ritual all about peace and quiet on each and every new morning.