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"We are well set"

Modern machinery, which has been continuously expanded during the last years, enables MÜHLE to have a high vertical range of manufacture 

Those who image the MÜHLE manufacturer to be a romantic and old-fashioned workshop are mistaken. About 30 special-purpose machines are spread over an area of 2,600 square metres. The company from the Ore Mountains is characterised by a mixture of both traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Mr Müller, did you develop the machinery located here yourself?
One part are serial machines, such as our CNC lathes, the others are developed individually. I would say that we are quite similar to other medium-sized businesses in Germany. A lot of the machines are designed for our purposes in order to suit our needs, which tend to be very special.

This is why even a part of a wool finishing machine can be used.
Well, this may not sound very professional, however, it did fit quite well. With our "head machine", which processes the basic hair qualities, there is one step of production in which the hair need to be cut evenly before bundling. The wool clipping blade is perfect for this job, it can be resharpend easily and requires little maintenance. As such, it does its job just fine!

Who has such an idea?
My father or our head of technology Mario Klötzer had most of them. Frequently, the new developments are rather improvements. There is always room for development.

But you are not doing this by yourself?
Considering the mechanical engineering, we profit from an excellent infrastructure. South Saxony has been one of the hubs of German engineering ever since industrialisation and has reclaimed its place once again. We have an very good network.

And are the machines adapted to your ideas? Your production hall looks very stylish.
We like them to fit our CI. Therefore, we need to get on our supplier's nerves from time to time in order to paint the machines in grey for us. Manufacturers have their standard colourways. Back in the days, there used to be a unified standard in Germany, a quite ugly green. Later everyone started picking their individual colours until everything started looking like a circus.

What are the biggest challenges regarding the machinery?
On one hand, special machinery manufacturing is very expensive. We always need to decide whether a machine is worth the investment, if we can operate at full capacity. On the other hand, there are high safety standards. I consider occupational safety to be very important but, to put it mildly, it is hard to meet all requirements.

Is there a machine you have been dreaming of?
Well, there are some little boy's dreams. However, not all of them make sense. In general, we are well equipped when it comes to machinery.

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Photos: Dawin Meckel
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