First published in: 30 Grad Magazine, Issue 2018/1

"Grooming is care"

Chris Glass loves to travel and to discover beautiful things. The native Bostonian has been living in Germany for 16 years. He works as Membership Manager of the Berlin Soho House and opened an Event-Space in June 2017

Mr Glass, how do you define beauty?

Self-confidence is the key to beauty, as are kindness and humbleness. People who are comfortable with themselves are attractive.


Your life centres around beauty in a broader sense. The rich and famous socialise in Soho House, in your new location aptm you deal with great design through exhibitions. What are the most beautiful things you possess?

I need to surround myself with beauty, be it in the form of designed objects such as glasses or in terms of good manners. Memories are among the most beautiful things in my life. Last year, I turned 40 and celebrated with my friends. I recall sitting in a corner, thinking, wow, what a wonderful moment - it will stay with me forever.

What do you do for your beauty?

There are a number of products I use. I like to take baths, tend to focus on my grooming. A lot of little things make a big difference.


How do you pamper yourself?

By regularly visiting the barbershop or the hairdresser, massage appointments, manicures, facials . these things aren?t a wellness programme, but daily maintenance. If the basics are taken care of, I can focus on what matters.


Every man should have in the bathroom ... ?

The fragrance a man wears is quite significant. It should be chosen with care. Also, a hairbrush is essential. Finally, everyone should be equipped for a proper manicure.


Back in the day your hair was long, nowadays you have a beard and shaved head. Why is that?

Simply the fact that I had a lot of hair, presumably in combination with the colour of my skin, led to the assumption that I was a creative type. I wanted to fight this clichee - I cut my hair off.


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