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30 Grad Magazin - Issue 1/2019

The Great Britain Issue: Not only Prince Charles is a fan: Tricker's shoes, handmade for 190 years - a visit to Northampton; MÜHLE meets James Bond - welcome to our photo series by Max vom Hofe; for our column "Pretty Masculine" journalist Reinhard Keck follows Churchill's footsteps; etc.

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Gentlemans Corner

Once, farmers used to wear them, then the gentry, last but not least Prince Charles: Tricker's shoes, handmade just like 190 years ago, are a true piece of British culture. Four years ago, the founding family handed the company over to the well versed fashion manager Martin Mason - "for the next 190 years to come." A visit in Northampton.

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service

It quickly became clear how to present Mühle products in a very British manner: Bond, James Bond! Realised and presented properly by power duo Max vom Hofe, whose vision as a fashion photographer is usually directed towards people and set designer Berit Hoerschelmann.

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"I am obsessed with my hair"

Benedict Browne is Style Editor at The Rake Magazine. The London based publication is "the modern voice of classic elegance" with stories about menswear, lifestyle and grooming. An interview about beauty.

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