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30 Grad Magazin - Issue 2/2018

Eugenio Alphandery has turned the former pharmacy of a monastery, the Officina Maria Novella in Florence, into a thriving cosmetics business - a portrait; traditional craftsmanship meets innovative technology - visiting the MÜHLE-production-halls; MÜHLE products resemble Hollywood icons in the series of photos by still life specialist Amos Fricke; etc.

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The fragrance mixers of the Medicis

Elixirs, balms and secret ingredients: Founded in 1612, the Officina Profumo Farmaceu­tica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence is one of the world?s oldest cosmetics companies. Eugenio Alphandery put the former monastery pharmacy on the map worldwide. He relies fully on the quality of the products ? and sometimes on the intercession of prominent clients.

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Of Men and Machines

Walking the aisles of the manufacturer one tends to marvel at the high-tech everywhere: quite a bit for a traditional craft business. There are about 30 machines, many of which were exclusively designed by and for MÜHLE, spread over 2,600 square meters. In fact it is exactly this mix of traditional craftsmanship and innovative machinery that is characteristic of MÜHLE. From parts for the handles to engravings: everything is made in-house.

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Larger than life: MÜHLE products resemble Hollywood icons in Amos Fricke's series of photos.

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