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30 Grad Magazin - issue 2/2019

  • The Zero Waste movement calls for a conscious change of habits and focuses on well-made things that last - an explanation in eight steps
  • Organic Designs "Sebastian André" Kruthoffer stages MÜHLE products in an unusual setting
  • author Lenz Koppelstätter explains in the column "Pretty Masculine" why he was escaping to elegance
  • What makes good corporate management today? Interview with MÜHLE Managing Directors Christian and Andreas Müller
  • Bicycle frame construction, which until few years ago was a dying trade, is enjoying a renaissance - a visit to Fern in Berlin-Lichtenberg
  • Beauty Interview with Creative Director Beda Achermann
  • and much more

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Waste not, want not

Straws in fish stomachs, microplastic in our drinking water, edibles in the waste. Many people are fed up with piles of rubbish and wastefulness. A rapidly growing movement called Zero Waste calls for a conscious change of habits and focuses on well-made things that last a long time - just like MÜHLE. An explanation in eight steps.

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Organic Designs

MÜHLE-products in an unusual setting: Dortmund-based photographer Sebastian André Kruthoffer concentrates on conceptual series and manifold forms of still-life photography. He has an expert eye for mysterious productions and illumination

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"Mediocre? Never!"

His style is legendary: the Swiss creative director Beda Achermann in our beauty interview

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