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30 Grad Magazin

Our magazine "30 Grad" (30 Degrees) is published twice a year and sheds some light on the world of MÜHLE. It is not called after our favourite temperature, but after the angle at which you should position your razor. Just like your daily shave gives you a moment to reflect, gives you the magazine an enjoyable read.

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Issue 2/2018

Eugenio Alphandery has turned the former pharmacy of a monastery, the Officina Maria Novella in Florence, into a thriving cosmetics business - a portrait; traditional craftsmanship meets innovative technology - visiting the MÜHLE-production-halls; MÜHLE products resemble Hollywood icons in the series of photos by still life specialist Amos Fricke; etc.

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Issue 1/2018

Annica and Marie Eklund appeal to illustrious clients with their design floors made from nylon yarn - visiting the Swedish family business Bolon; the photographer Alexander Kilian artfully displays Mühle-products; five unique buildings from the Orte mountains - home of Mühle - in short portraits, etc.

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Issue 2/2017

How Christian Sagehorn and Thomas Schätti save the renowned espresso machine manufacturer Olympia; selected MÜHLE-series staged by Christian Hagemann; the most beautiful findings in the MÜHLE museum; talking to the founder of Nomad Barber Miguel Gutierrez

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Issue 1/2017

A visit to the legendary winery of Cornelius Dönnhoff; Berlin-based photographer Matthias Weingärtner interprets the new MÜHLE series; the fashion expert Alessandro Squarzi shares his beauty-tips and much more.

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Issue 2/2016

A visit to the best restorer of the legendary Riva sports boats; Berlin-based photographer Tobias Faisst interprets MÜHLE products; the wine-merchant Peter Bohn shares his beauty-tips and much more.

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Ausgabe 1/2016

A visit at the traditional mill Mourne Textiles in Northern Ireland; designer and architect Sigurd Larsen explains, why he washes his hair only with fresh eggs; photographer Reinhard Hunger presents the MÜHLE series Hexagon and much more.

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