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30 Grad magazine - Edition 2/2016

A visit to the best restorer of the legendary Riva sports boats; Berlin-based photographer Tobias Faisst interprets MÜHLE products; the wine-merchant Peter Bohn shares his beauty-tips and much more.

Read the whole story in the new edition of "30 Grad". It is published twice a year in German and in English. Get your free subscription.

Rolls-Royce of the Seas

Nobody has his level of expertise when it comes to the elegant Riva sports boats from 60ies. From all over the world people send the design classics to his gifted hands.

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Point of View: Extreme Details

A different photographer showcases MÜHLE-products in every edition. This time: Tobias Faisst. He challenges the viewer. His perspective on materials and surfaces is always also a game with associations.

He has interpreted a number of MÜHLE-products with a fine sense of elegance and humor.

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Shedding light on the world of MÜHLE ? from A to Z

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