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All for beans

The cult espresso machines by Olympia are popular worldwide. After the near insolvency of the heritage company, smart corporate strategies helped the business to get back on track.
Getting fan mail for 40 years: espresso machine Cremina is the figurehead of Olympia Express and Schätti Metall
Typical Olympia-red: After matting, the body of the Cremina is demounted
Family business Schätti Metall makes more than espresso machines: a robot welding metal poles
Olympia manager and coffee addict Christian Sagehorn and Schätti Metall owner Thomas Schätti
The Cremina is known as a quiet-working hand lever espresso machine
In front of the amazing Swiss panorama view a column drill is being operated
Shiny trash: discarded metal and metal shavings are collected to be recycled
Cut raw material of a Schätti Metall product is sorted for continued processing
A duo complementing one another: Thomas Schätti (left) and Christian Sagehorn (right)

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