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MÜHLE's contribution to sustainability - carbon-neutral shipping

More and more consumers are occupied with the question how products are made and packed. As a company, we are concerned with this very question, too. With good reason: our planet chokes on garbage. Up to 13 millions tons of plastic are dumped into the sea per year. Even if it was only half of that amount, this would mean that ca 200 kg of plastic are washed into the sea per second.

No wonder that MÜHLE products are represented in a lot of stores which value sustainability and avoiding waste. Hardly a day goes by without a call from a store owner who tells the main office in Stützengrün that she or he wants to add MÜHLE to her or his range of products. MÜHLE safety razors and brushes were, so to speak, zero-waste before the trend came into being at all. The same is true for reworking the packaging which is plastic free for over a year now. Only changing the blades causes by far less waste than using a disposable razor. Timeless designs, high-end materials and processing make the products lifelong companions.

We also do not stop when it comes to shipping. By using the services of DHL GoGreen and UPS Carbon we have chosen a new way to ship or products carbon-neutrally worldwide. The actual amount of the emitted greenhouse gases is calculated on the basis of the weight of each parcel. The CO2 emissions caused by the shipping are "balanced" with climate protection projects worldwide. These measures are paid for by higher shipping costs, which are financed by us as a company.

Even the filling of the packages as well as the tape to close them are paper based which makes for easier recycling.

When it comes to our suppliers, we rely primarily on regional partners. When this is not possible, we nevertheless pay attention to a sustainable origin. This is true for MÜHLE Organic, our certified natural cosmetics series. The handmade argan oil we use is produced by a women?s cooperative in Morocco. So, the women have an income and we know exactly who it was who processed our valuable ingredients.

Speaking of fair trade: At MÜHLE, the staff drink exclusively fair trade coffee and every employee has her or his own MÜHLE glass bottle which can be filled with purified water from the Ore Mountains at all times. We are happy to contribute a little bit to more sustainability by consistently encouraging the use of glass bottles at work.

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