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Rocca reloaded

There were initial challenges regarding the complex production of the stainless steel series Rocca. Let's talk about the solutions. An interview with Andreas Müller 

A stainless steel safety razor for an affordable price without compromises in quality - MÜHLE have set out for a high standard. The first Rocca models could not meet this requirement, due to technical difficulties. Fortunately, they have been solved. Manager Andreas Müller explains.

Mr Müller, the Rocca razors have only been available from time to time. What happened?
The launch of the production turned out to be quite difficult. We have experienced unexpected difficulties.

What kind of difficulties were there?
The precision of the parts did not meet the requirements. Hence, we could only use a small amount of the parts produced. The surfaces had to be reworked extensively. Thus, we were not able to keep the price we had initially aimed for.

It is the first time that MÜHLE is using stainless steel in a product. Have you underestimated the raw material?
During the three year development phase, we have intensively dealt with the topic. The challenge was not the conventional treatment of stainless steel such as milling. Razors as such already exist but they are quite expensive. Our goal was to offer a stainless steel razor for a price considerably cheaper than 100 euros. Therefore, we needed to find unconventional methods of production.

How do they look like?
We combine two production processes - first, the technically complex metal injection molding process. During this process, the blanks in stainless steel compound are made through injection moulding. Afterwards, the parts are baked in a sinter furnace where they gain their final geometry. The comb, the bottom part of the shaving head, is milled in a traditional procedure. The combination of both processes results in the products we are looking for.

So, all problems have been solved now?
Yes, they are indeed. From the end of May, the production has been running solid and the result has the high quality our customers are used to.

Rocca in the shop

The shaving set you can find here

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