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This interview is taken from: 30 Grad Magazine, Issue 2019/2

"Mediocre? Never!"

In the new issue of our 30 Grad magazine, that is being published in October, we talked to Swiss Creative Director about his beauty rituals.

Swiss creative director Beda Achermann propagated his style with the Men's Vogue in the mid 80s. Ever since then, everything he has touched is considered to be art. Today, he runs a creative studio in Zurich that does everything, from ads for tights to fashion magazines, and generally focuses on the finer things in life.

Handsome people, beautiful paintings, fine prod­ucts. How do you relax after seeing such beauty?

I'm not a big fan of pure beauty. I like things that are authentic. This is why I run. I like to call myself the "eye-jogger."

What is an "eye­jogger"?

Today at six in the morning, I went for a run on the Zürichberg. It was foggy and the sun was shining through the trees and there even were two deer. Kitsch indeed, but very beautiful. I love kitsch. Those are real moments.

Your style is considered legendary. You have often been voted one of the best­dressed men. What does the Achermann style look like?

Never mediocre, to be sure, always authentic and cosmopolitan. A mixture of the elemental forces of the Swiss mountains and the chic of Chanel. I grew up in the mountains, my roots are here. I know what a cow looks and smells like. At the same time, I know what a tailor-made suit by Rubinacci in Naples or by Retos feels like. I love mixing the tailor-made suits with something that doesn't match or is rugged. Back in the day, I'd wear American cargo pants; today, I'm sporting cashmere sweatpants.

You travel a lot. What's an essential part of your morning routine?

My morning always starts with a run, no matter whether I'm in Zurich, Paris or New York. Often yoga - several times a week. And I always pack my shampoo and body wash by Susanne Kaufmann. I never use complimentary products.

Why not?

I hate scented body wash. If people sitting next to me, handsome, elegant people, smell of scented deodorant or body wash, it's a disaster. All style is compromised.

Photo: Claudia Klein