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"Our values align very similarly"

Barber Elliot Forbes is offering his services in MÜHLE's new Treatment Space. In the interview he explains why he and MÜHLE are a perfect match 

How did you and the Müllers meet each other?

A mutual friend connected us, they knew MÜHLE were looking to open a treatment space and recommend myself to them. I first met Andreas Müller at the beautiful MÜHLE shop in Berlin.

Why do you think you and Mühle are a good match?

Our values align very similarly. When you go in to the store and see the Muhle products, it's clean, refined, elegant and has a true craftsman feel to it! These are all values that I hold with hair cutting and shaving so it was an easy fit! 

What connects you, what do you have in common?

One thing we have in common is that we both want the customer to have a brilliant experience when shaving, wether it's at home using the products or in store having more of a pamper.

What treatments do you offer in the new treatment space?

We will do all the standard barber services, that is shaving, haircuts, beard trims. But what we're most excited about is the shaving education service. An hour being taught how to give yourself an amazing shave using a DE razor, down to how you prepare the skin and how to create the correct lather.

Do you have a "specialty"?

I've always loved shaving, when you're in the barber shop you're always chatting and almost "performing" but when you get to shave a gentleman not only is it relaxing for them but also for myself. It's a lovely ritual and I pride myself on not cutting anyone, fingers crossed this continues.

According to you, what are the current beard-trends?

In London there are far less of the really big beards of 3-5 years ago, they are definitely becoming shorter, more refined and fully groomed. Still very beard like rather than stubble but more where you get a feel of where the jaw line is.

Do you have a favorite MÜHLE product?

It's the organic shaving cream, it´s something I use on every client for shaving the neck. It whips up into a lather very quickly and is very gentle on the skin.