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"I feel right in my job"

Young people on starting their careers at MÜHLE 

Young people - fresh ideas: Anyone who wants to be really innovative should not focus only on the perfect technology, but must also be able to inspire young people. Especially recently this is working quite well at MÜHLE. Here are five examples:

Max Nekwinda, 24:

"When I was looking for a company where I was able to write my diploma thesis in Industrial Engineering, I bumped into MÜHLE production manager Lukas Berthold by chance on a voluntary mission in Albania. He was so enthusiastic about MÜHLE that I submitted an application. And he was right - MÜHLE really is a great company! I like the informal and friendly atmosphere very much. And, of course, it's also cool to work with such high-quality products. In my work, I've been focusing on identity-based brand management. I evaluated the impact that different types of packaging have on customers. It had to be customers who didn't know MÜHLE at all. Finding them wasn't easy." 

Jessica Einsiedel, 21:

"It was a bit of a coincidence that I ended up at MÜHLE. I met Andreas MÜHLE at a job fair that I was visiting with my parents. He was actually looking for young people who were interested in doing an apprenticeship in brush-making. But after we talked, he said to me: "Just drop off your application." And so I did, and as a result I started a three-year apprenticeship in office management at MÜHLE. After completing the apprenticeship in September, I was taken on as an employee. This has proven to be a lucky coincidence for me - I wouldn't want to work at any other company! I'm now mainly working in the complaints department. It really is important to me that customers who call because they're unsatisfied don't stay unsatisfied. I think I manage to do that most of the time."

Max Spitzner, 20:

"When I started my apprenticeship at MÜHLE three and a half years ago, I already knew 20 of the 40 employees. I come from Stützengrün, and so it's only natural for me to work here. I'm a trained cutting machine operator with a specialisation in turning. That means I operate the CNC turning machines that we use to manufacture the base frames of the brushes and razors. Making these surfaces perfect is a challenge that we face day in, day out. This is quite varied work because there are always new shapes to prepare. We don't work with completed programmes here, but programme the machines based on sketches. I feel right in my job and I really enjoy working at MÜHLE."

Lisa Unger, 24:

"Shortly after my finishing my school-leaving exams, I got my first temporary job at MÜHLE. I come from the neighbouring village, so I was familiar the company. I studied business administration and then, at the end of my studies, I did an internship at MÜHLE. During my internship, I did all the jobs that needed to be done in the office, order acceptance for the most part. On 1 March, I started my first permanent position at the company. I work in the shipping department and I am responsible for financial accounting. As soon as a package is ready for delivery, it comes to me and I prepare the delivery note and the bill. I really like to be part of this company. We have a good working atmosphere, everyone's helpful and we all look after each other. What's more, I'm impressed by the order and cleanliness that we have here. The business management takes good care of us. For example, all women received a bouquet of flowers on International Women's Day. Such a wonderful gesture!"