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Chrome plated metal

Without chrome the world would forfeit a lot of its lustre. In the finish used for our wet shaving accessories it demonstrates its best qualities: The material is corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre. When contrasted with this, the colours and shapes of other premium materials are shown to their very best advantage. 

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Anodized aluminium

The anodized aluminum in the HEXAGON series promises ergonomics, grip, functionality. The matt finish in bronze, graphite and forest is now complemented by a puristic silver tone. The perfect counterpoint is provided by the high-gloss, chrome-plated surfaces of the razor and holder.

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Stainless steel

Straightforward design meets matt stainless steel. Simple, clear, masculine. Like no other, this material stands for cool elegance and extreme robustness. That is the ROCCA series.

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High grade resin

The material precious resin promises quality for an entire (brush) life. Resistant, solid and pleasantly heavy in the hand - with this classic you always cut a good figure.

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Steamed ash

The fine grain of the steamed ash is straightforward. The domestic wood is heated strongly for a short time to absorb less water. Then the nut-brown shimmering surface is oiled and polished so that neither shaving foam nor soapy water stand a chance.

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Plum wood

The native plum wood is hard and naturally very resistant. At the same time it impresses with its reddish shimmering surface. Sealed with oil, a soft sheen is created, which accentuates the color and grain.

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Olive wood

The wood of the olive tree has been appreciated since ancient times because it is naturally very hard and water resistant. The expressive natural material fascinates by its honey-colored grain, which is polished to a silky shine and flatters the hand and eye.

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Bog oak

Once submerged in the bog, interspersed with tannins for at least 1000 years and matured in peace and quiet: the bog oak is considered a true rarity. The impressively dark color of this delicately grained wood varies from medium to dark brown and sometimes even black.

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Spalted beech

MÜHLE has recently combined minimalist design with beech wood. The natural grain is accentuated by the flocking of the wood. Resin-soaked handles made of flocked beech allow water and soapsuds to roll off skilfully.

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Thuja wood

Thanks to the extraordinary progression of its grain, thuja is one of the most beautiful woods in the world. It is difficult to extract because only the roots of already dead trees show the remarkable pattern. Stabilized with precious resin, the natural material becomes water resistant.

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Karelian masur birch

Unobtrusive in form, extravagant in drawing. Stabilized with high-grade resin, the high-gloss surface of the Karelian masur birch defies the elements in the bathroom as well as in the vastness of its Russian homeland. At the mercy of wind and icy cold, the tree twists and turns as it grows, finally ossifying and thus acquiring its unmistakable grain.

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Briar wood

Vividly grained wood, an unusual reddish-brown coloration: briar wood is the ideal counterpoint to PURIST's subtle design. Each brush and razor made of this elaborately extracted material is a unique and unmistakable piece of art.

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The name speaks volumes: Ironwood is one of the hardest woods in the world. Its extremely high density makes it extremely resistant. The deep brown color in combination with the fine grain guarantees a silky, shiny appearance.

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Genuine horn

The genuine horn, shimmering in all conceivable shades of brown, is unmistakable. A sure instinct is required when choosing this natural material: only the particularly solid horn tips are used for the handles of this series and polished to a high gloss.

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Delicate in effect, yet tough in the day-to-day encounter with shaving foam and water porcelain, its cool elegance emphasizes the fine symmetry of the SOPHIST series.

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Carbon fibre

Sparkling diamonds like stable carbon fibers combine one and the same element: carbon. Both materials are high-strength and shine incomparably, provided they are viewed in the right light. The anthracite-colored fabric structure of this EDITION series throws back dynamic light reflections that inspire not only aesthetes. This is made possible by the elaborate process: The individual blanks are covered with carbon fibers and precisely aligned. The handles are then impregnated with high grade resin and hardened. Ground and polished several times, the shiny hand flatterers shine on every new morning.

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