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How to shave

Product information and instructions for use

Find all the important information and tips you need to use your MÜHLE products correctly and safely and to ensure that you will enjoy them for a long time.

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The proper safety razor shave

It is neither dangerous nor particularly difficult - if you know how to do it: How do you use a safety razor properly? An instruction.

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How to find the right type of blade

Which degrees of sharpness are there and which one is suitable for me? Find it out in this article.

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Karikatur von einem Menschen der mit einem Rasierpinsel sein Gesicht einschäumt.

How to lather properl

A good preparation of the skin makes for a smooth and thorough shave

How to decide: Yes or no to beard oil?

There is a controversy among fans of wet shaving regarding the use of beard oil

How to finish a shave properly

A good shave needs a good finish: how to properly finish a shave

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How to use a natural hair shaving brush properly

Avoid hair loss: What I should know about the correct usage of a natural hair brush

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How to properly care for materials

How to enjoy long lasting comfort with the high-quality MÜHLE materials: with proper oil and care

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How to decide: open or closed comb

How to choose the right MÜHLE safety razor head

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How to properly change razor blades

Careful handling is necessary: how to change razor blades

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 How to properly shave while travelling

The morning shave is for many a ritual, they don't want to miss when travelling - a few tips

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