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The way in which products are obtained and packaged isn’t only important to more and more consumers, but also to us as a company. And rightly so in view of the fact that our world is being buried under mountains of waste. According to estimates, up to 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year. Even if you assume that this is only half that amount, around 200 kg of plastic are washed into the oceans every second.

We want to do our part to change this. The MÜHLE brand stands for classics – from avant-garde to traditional interpretations. What we don’t have time for, however, are short-term trends that will be forgotten about tomorrow. That being said, taking up contemporary ideas while at the same time developing sustainable products is both a challenge and a goal.

Our shaving brushes, razors and safety razors are designed for a ritual that takes its time. We also take this time for our products, because, for us, sustainable thinking begins with the longevity of a MÜHLE product. We don’t have to reinvent shaving culture with every new product catalogue. We prefer to manufacture products with classic status and a close eye for every detail, no matter how tiny it may be.

Our unscrewable brush heads also save resources as the high-quality handle can be reused without a hitch. Our own innovations Silvertip Fibre® and Black Fibre go one step further still. Due to their extremely low wear and tear, these low-maintenance synthetic fibres will literally stay with you for a lifetime. And because we’re true to our word, our approach is always to repair something rather than throw it away. Your MÜHLE product is in good hands with our customer service, even after years of use. No matter whether handle or bristle load, we’ll take care of your beloved product so that your morning ritual is perfect again.

Sustainability is also a top priority in our production department. Perfectly coordinated production processes in the MÜHLE manufactory cut out unnecessary journeys. Plenty of daylight thanks to large glass windows, well thought-out LED lighting and the highly efficient control of our building technology are further aspects of our careful stewardship of resources. We operate our production systems with 100% green electricity. A large part of this energy is generated by our own photovoltaic system on our roofs, which also powers the company‘s very own electric car.

Green hosting also matters for the ecological footprint. This website therefore runs on 100% green electricity from renewable sources and CO2-neutral via the German provider "Timme Hosting".

Our attention isn’t only focused on the contents, however, but also on what goes around them. To make recycling easier, we use single-origin paper and cardboard instead of composite materials. For example, some brush packaging uses velour cardboard that is 100% biodegradable. We have also replaced plastic films and air cushions with paper – right down to adhesive tape for shipping boxes.

And we don‘t stop there even when it comes to shipping. With DHL GoGreen and UPS Carbon, we’re breaking new ground in shipping our products worldwide in a climate-neutral way. The greenhouse gases actually produced are calculated based on our transport values. The CO2 emissions generated during shipping are offset by climate protection projects around the world.

In terms of our suppliers, we primarily work with partners in the region. Where this isn’t possible, we nevertheless ensure that the origin of products is sustainable. For example, the argan oil for MÜHLE Organic, our certified natural cosmetics series, is pressed by hand by a women’s cooperative in Morocco – the women are able to provide for their families, and we know whose hands our valuable ingredients have passed through.

Speaking of fair trade, at MÜHLE we drink only fair trade coffee and each employee has his or her own glass bottle to fill with with freshly filtered drinking water. We’re pleased to be able to do our part to promote the cause of sustainability by banishing plastic bottles from the workplace.

Luftaufnahme der MÜHLE, modernen Gebäudekomplexes mit Flachdächern und Solaranlagen in einer ländlichen Gegend, umgeben von Wohnhäusern, Feldern und Wäldern.
ecovadis sustainability rating 2022 / Gold

We regularly audit sustainability in the company through the independent assessment platform EcoVadis.

For better regional networking, we have also been a member of the Climate and Environment Alliance Saxony (Klima- und Umweltallianz Sachsen).

Teilnehmer der Klima- und Umweltallianz Sachsen