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MÜHLE unisex safety razor in elegant rose gold

When MÜHLE presented the COMPANION safety razor for the first time at the beginning of 2021, we achieved a mini revolution in the area of shaving culture. The first gender-neutral double-edge razor for face and body was born. The popular safety razor is now available in rose gold.

With the development of the COMPANION razor over two years ago, our manufactory achieved something completely new. What at first glance appears to be a classic safety razor differs significantly from a conventional safety razor in terms of detail and application. Our aim was to produce a sustainable shaving tool that meets the needs of all genders. The special razor head design reduces the risk of injury to a minimum while the longer handle also improves shaving performance on areas of the body away from the face. These and other attributes make the COMPANION the razor for every area of application.

Same performance, different look

Just in time for Christmas, another version of the unisex razor is now going on sale – the COMPANION rose gold. Promising the same performance and features, this new release not only offers the familiar shaving experience, but also impresses users with tried and tested features.

The particularly reliable grip is retained thanks to the structure of the handle, which is modelled on a fingerprint. This ensures safe handling when shaving, also in the shower or bath. The rose gold coating of the metal razor gives it a special, elegant look. This also ensures that the material is highly resistant despite the wear and tear caused by moisture and skin contact.

The practical, replaceable cotton cord at the end of the handle comes in a warm, sand-coloured beige hue in the new COMPANION version. The cord not only ensures that the safety razor is quickly to hand, but also makes it quite customisable.

Sustainable giving with MÜHLE

So if you’re still looking for a suitable Christmas present and want to give as sustainable a gift as possible, the COMPANION could be just the thing you’re after. The COMPANION is a gift that’s guaranteed not to generate any plastic waste and will give users pleasure for many years to come – a zero-waste companion for everyday use.

Find your new COMPANION

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