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Now shaving is even more personal

The TRADITIONAL range has secured a well-deserved spot in the bathrooms of shaving enthusiasts worldwide. Now shaving with MÜHLE is even more personal, thanks to the new option of individual laser engraving on the chrome-plated razor head top.

Unique and individual 

The personalisation option is initially available for the razor classics R 89 (with closed comb) and R 41 (with open comb) in the handle variants chrome, black and rose gold. The possibilities are manifold: whether name, initials, a special date or a short personal message - the top of the razor head offers space for up to 14 characters to create your own desired individualisation. This makes it easy to turn the shaver into a unique item.

An imaginative gift 

Who doesn't like to receive a gift and also enjoy a personal dedication of a special kind? A personalised razor from MÜHLE is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to give a gift to a family member, a friend or yourself on a special occasion - a shiny chrome razor with individual engraving is not only a real eye-catcher in the bathroom, it also shows that the giver has given some thought to a unique gift idea.

Flexibility through exchangeable top cap 

Good news for all those who already own another MÜHLE razor model but still don't want to do without their personalised laser engraving: The cover plate can be ordered separately for each of the two blade systems (with open or closed comb) and fits razors from all MÜHLE design series, except ROCCA and COMPANION. Replacing the plane cover is extremely easy and literally adds a personal touch to your favourite razor. 

The processing time for a TRADITIONAL razor with individual laser engraving only takes about 2 working days longer than ordering a standard safety razor - so you can enjoy your, now even more personalised, shave as quickly as possible.

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