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Opening of Hall 4 on the MÜHLE factory premises

Atelier ST and MÜHLE are celebrating. After lengthy planning and an intensive construction phase, the new Hall 4 at the company site in Stützengrün is now complete.

Patience is a virtue. This old adage applies not only to the morning ritual of shaving, but also to the construction of a new building. And this is also a reflection of part of MÜHLE’s philosophy. It was precisely this that was important to architect Sebastian Thaut, co-owner of the Leipzig-based architecture firm Atelier ST, in his design for the new Hall 4, namely that the building’s design should stand for essential characteristics of the MÜHLE brand and its products. We think this project has been more than successful.

Greater sustainability through redesign

At MÜHLE, we strive to work with regional partners and suppliers in our production processes. The same principle was applied to the new production hall. Its interior wooden construction, which the architect deliberately intended to contrast with the hall’s exterior, chiefly consisting of glass and metal, was designed with wood from the local Ore Mountains and the neighbouring northern Czech Republic. In addition to its excellent structural and insulating properties, this material also ensures a healthy climate inside the structure.

The use of this renewable raw material illustrates the connection to the company site in the region as well as to MÜHLE’s sustainable production methods. This year, for example, we completely converted our operations to eco-gas, which is an important step towards emissions-free production. The building is heated by new, painstakingly installed geothermal heat pumps. Another factor behind the building’s high level of efficiency is its complex ventilation system, which draws in air via an underground system and either heats or cools it in a natural and energy-saving way, depending on the season.

Connection to nature

A bird’s-eye view reveals that the traditional company has managed to achieve the balance between its own special sense of aesthetics and blending in with the harmonious nature of the Ore Mountains. Partly embedded in the elevation of the mountains, the company building is integrated almost organically into the surrounding landscape, including the nearby residential houses. The flat roofs of the building complex, some of which are green, bear witness to this. The roof of the new hall has also been used to expand the existing photovoltaic system, which houses additional solar modules – with the aim of being able to cover a large part of the company’s power supply from its own resources.

Visible to all

On the one hand, the exterior of the new building impresses visitors with its gleaming aluminium profiles, which architect Sebastian Thaut deliberately chose as a reference to the shaving products manufactured at the site. On the other, its liberal use of glass elements has a significant impact on the hall’s character and ensures maximum natural lighting of the interior. Above all, however, the large-scale glass facade embodies transparency, openness and permeability – characteristics that lie at the heart of the company’s values and which MÜHLE is at pains to implement as consistently as possible.

In the spirit of a manufactory made of glass, the hall’s architecture stands for authenticity and accessibility. It invites people to take a look behind the scenes and to experience the fascination of the work done by a manufactory for themselves.

A look behind the scenes of the manufactory

Visit us at our company headquarters in the Stützengrün district of Hundshübel.

At MÜHLE, the company’s heart beats for craftsmanship. We want to get people enthusiastic about the close eye for detail and the highest level of quality that this requires by offering interested visitors a glimpse behind the scenes. The next opportunity for this is our MÜHLE Visitors’ Day on 7 August 2023. You’re welcome to register for the guided tour starting at 10.00 a.m. using our contact form.

Here are some more dates for visiting the manufactory to see the newly opened Hall 4 for yourself:

  • Spätschicht (Late Shift) on 15 September 2023
  • Traditional Crafts Day on 15 October 2023
  • Guided tours for larger groups are available on request.

Photos: Simon Menges
Text: Jonas Rohrbach

Supplementary note: This construction measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon State Parliament.

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