How to lather properly

Proper lathering is the prerequisite for a smooth shave, especially when using a safety razor or a straight razor. It may sound trivial but it is a big issue indeed. Did you know that facial hair is as stubborn as copper wire of the same strength? Therefore, you need the same force you would need to cut wire. This does not seem to be very gentile, does it? Through proper lathering, the beard is softened and allows for a smoother cutting motion of the blade without much force to be applied. Consequently, cuts or small inflammations of the hair roots can be prevented. Ideally, the beard needs to be moisturised with hot water first and then massaged with shaving cream or lotion for three minutes. This may seem long, however, it ensures a smooth gliding of the blade during the shave. Positive side effect: it makes the hair protrude from the moisturised skin in order to be cut deeper. Once it has dried again, the skin is incredibly smooth.


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Illustration: Filip Fröhlich