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Zero-Waste Tip

Disposing of razor blades safely and sustainably

Ein Rasierhobel mit Holzgriff, eine Rasierklinge, ein Stück Seife auf einem Luffaschwamm, eine Zahnbürste mit Holzgriff und ein Handtuch sind auf einer Marmoroberfläche angeordnet.

Anyone who sets store by sustainability in everyday life is well advised to invest in a safety razor from MÜHLE. With proper care, these high-quality razors will last for decades. Their packaging made exclusively of cardboard is 100% recyclable, and the classic stainless steel razor blades have also been available from MÜHLE wrapped in paper since 2022. But what about the blades themselves? Can they be recycled just as easily?

Can you recycle razor blades?

Modern razor blades and disposable razors unfortunately still consist of an inseparable combination of plastics and metal, which is why they must always be disposed of in residual or household waste. Recycling is usually not an option here.

The situation is different with  double edge razor blades made of stainless steel. This valuable raw material can be recycled relatively easily – you just have to know how. The rule of thumb is as follows: razor blades never go in (yellow) recycling bins or yellow bags. Instead, we recommend collecting the blades and handing them in later at a recycling centre or metal dealer near you. In some regions, there are also special recycling bins for metal in which the blades, collected in a closed can, can be disposed of.

In addition, selected drugstores, packaging-free shops and organic food stores offer you the option to hand in the blades you have collected. It’s worth taking the time to ask your local retailer about this.

Collecting razor blades safely

There are several ways to collect your used blades. You can reuse the original packaging the razor came in, for example. A screw-top jar or a sealable metal box are also suitable alternatives. For a long-term solution, however, we recommend investing in a blade bank.

With the  MÜHLE blade bank made of white porcelain, you can dispose of your blades in a particularly stylish and safe way. In terms of shape and material, the blade bank is a harmonious addition to our porcelain shaving dishes and mugs.

Similar to a piggy bank, the container can collect hundreds of blades before needing to be emptied. You can empty it safely and easily via an opening at the bottom. To do this, simply open the rubber seal, empty the blades into a container for transporting them, dispose of them, and job done.

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