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Shaving as a grooming ritual for him and her

Whether MÜHLE safety razor or Gillette blade: how to turn everyday routines into luxurious moments

In our often hectic everyday lives, time out and grooming rituals are important sources of relaxation. Even a short walk outside, a yoga session or a fragrant bath can work wonders. MÜHLE Rasurkultur has made it its mission to turn shaving into a relaxing ritual. Give yourself a little time out and leave the hustle and bustle of the day outside the bathroom door. Both men and women appreciate this luxury. The high-quality razorsshaving brushes and natural care products from the MÜHLE range are the perfect companions for this ritual.

As a long-standing, family-run company, MÜHLE has been supplying men all over the world with quality wet shaving products for decades. But times have changed. Shaving is no longer just a man’s world. Whether facial or body hair – smooth skin is a question of beauty and a personal need in many cultures, regardless of gender or age. At MÜHLE, we’re also seeing an increasing number of female users. In a world in which self-love and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, women are on the lookout for high-quality, environmentally friendly shaving products that lovingly care for their skin and respect the planet.

Sustainable shaving from head to toe

In 2021, MÜHLE developed the COMPANION unisex safety razor for sustainable body shaving. Made of matt chrome-plated metal, the safety razor features classic, single-origin blades and can be used for decades if looked after properly. Its smooth razor head design and its slightly longer, non-slip handle with delicate fingerprint design enable a comfortable and close shave even in the genital area. Skin irritation and razor burns are also less of an issue as the safety razor uses only one sharp blade that cuts the hair closer to the skin without exerting excessive pressure. It glides gently over the skin without pulling or irritating it. Moreover, the blades can be cleaned without leaving any residue and can be replaced at minimal expense if necessary. 

However, a safety razor is not everyone’s first choice. So it’s good that many of the beautifully designed handles in the MÜHLE range are also available as system razors with Gillette® blades. The Mach3 and Fusion blade systems, which are among the most frequently used shaving systems worldwide, can be purchased. These systems are also compatible with a wide range of other blades, including the Venus blades that are so popular with women.

Ein Gillette Venus Rasierer mit einem schwarzen Griff liegt auf einer weißen Oberfläche. Im Hintergrund ist eine blau-weiße Verpackung von Gillette Venus zu sehen

It’s a match: Gillette Venus and MÜHLE for cosmopolitan women

Around 20 years ago, Gillette made shaving socially acceptable for women with Venus. Since then, the blades have continued to be developed. Today, a variety of different Venus blade types are available on the market. What many people don’t know is that the blade holder of the Gillette Mach3 shaving system is also compatible with Venus*. This means that an elegant high-grade resin or ash wood RYTMO razor can be transformed into an elegant lady shaver in no time at all. 

The Gillette Venus razor blades for the intimate area and Gillette Intimate (for men) are an exception to this. Both were specially developed for shaving the most sensitive areas of the body and are compatible with all MÜHLE Fusion razors. The blades feature a smaller head and a precision trimmer on the back for reaching tricky areas. The patented skin protection element and optimised blade spacing ensure a gentle, close shave even on sensitive skin. The choice of the right razor ultimately depends on individual needs. Elegant and with a slightly longer handle, a razor from the SOPHIST series, for example, can also be used as a body razor with intimate blades.

A safety razor like the COMPANION promises a sustainable, precise shave and reduces plastic waste. Razors with system blades such as Venus, Fusion or Mach3 are comfortable and time-saving. Combined with a high-quality handle made of durable materials such as metal, wood or precious resin and packaged in paper, MÜHLE razors are definitely a better alternative for our planet than plastic disposable razors.

*all Venus blades fit except "Simply Venus" & "Venus for the genital area" M = male ... F = female