A classic for the people: safety razors by MÜHLE

The shiny chrome R89 is the classic by MÜHLE: with its closed comb it is both thorough and gentle and therefore perfect for beginners. Since it is not the only razor that likes the finest contours and clear lines at the base of the beard, this razor has found numerous 'imitators': All series of the manufacturer MÜHLE are also available with the chrome-plated head of the R89 instead of the shaving systems of Gillette®.

Whether millennia-old bog oak, reddish shimmering briarwood, elegant precious resin in cheerfully shining citrine yellow, whether classic Sophist, Purist or hip Hexagon – the closed comb of the R89 has them all and they have it! Two series step out of line minimally: ROCCA affords a stainless-steel head and TRADITIONAL likes it particularly assertive with an open comb for advanced users and professionals who prefer a very direct shave.

Because admittedly: it takes a little skill to wet shave with a safety razor. However, with the right muse and a little practice, the morning grooming ritual with a safety razor becomes a slowdown par excellence. And it is also more sustainable than disposable replacement blades.

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