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Learn about the variety of materials that MÜHLE uses to make shaving brushes and select your shaving brush based on the handle material

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How to lather properly: This is how you do it

Proper lathering is the prerequisite for a smooth shave, especially when using a safety razor or a straight razor. It may sound trivial but it is a big issue indeed. Did you know that facial hair is as stubborn as copper wire of the same diameter?

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Find the right holder

Holders are an often underestimated accessory that can significantly extend the life of your shaving brush. It ensures that the head of your shaving brush dries completely between uses. This prevents the hair of the brush from becoming brittle and falling out.
There is a suitable holder for every shaving brush from MÜHLE.

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ROCCA in pure Stainless Steel

After the Rocca in the versions stainless steel with birch bark, stainless steel black and JET, the fourth interpretation of the ROCCA series is now available.

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